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High-Resolution Photography

There are two ways of approaching photography of homes. One approach focuses on speed and efficiency. The faster the photographer can get in and out, the more homes can be shot in a day.

I take the other approach. I figure out how I can get the highest quality shot for every image I capture. It's about getting the best shot, not the quickest shot.

Vomund Photography offers high-resolution photography of residential homes for clients who are looking for quality of images that is a cut above what is provided by typical "real estate" photographers. We pay meticulous attention to detail.

Great Photos vs. The Rest...

What are the key factors that differentiate a great home photo from the rest? The difference is in the details.

  • Less ceiling - more living space: People don't live on the ceiling, and builders don't typically decorate the ceiling, yet many photographers allow the ceiling to take up a third of their photo. There may be special cases where a home has a spectacular ceiling, but in most cases the ceiling is nothing more than the top of the room! Vomund Photography utilizes architectural camera lenses that enable the camera to "look down" into a room, thus focusing attention onto the important parts of the room, and not the ceiling. The next time you are browsing home photos, see if you catch a few that show just a little too much ceiling!

  • Televisions come to life: TV sets, weather real or props, almost always look better when they are projecting an image, rather than a blank screen. It brings life to a family room! When you view my photos take note that when you see a television, it will almost always have an image on it.

  • Candles with flames: Candles are a nice feature that add to the decor of almost any model home. Candle flames soothe and relax. While I don't light model home candles with a match, I do add candle flames digitally to twilight shots. Lit candles draw the viewer into the room with a sense of calm.

  • Lose the cords: Light fixtures require cords to operate, but I have yet to see a cord that adds to a room. Whenever feasible I eliminate cords from my home photos.

  • Custom Lighted Exteriors: Capturing dusk or dawn shots of a home's front elevation can be time consuming. Some photographers take a shortcut by simply setting up a couple big bright lights on the street to "light up" the front the home, resulting is a home that looks like it has been hit with a spotlight and not naturally lit. I use a different approach by preparing a lighting plan and then installing actual landscape lighting around the front of the home. I'll add an accent light to the tree, and a subtle wash of light to a front wall. The result is pleasing and realistic lighting that makes for a great photo.

  • Timing is everything: Many of my clients want the absolute best photos they can get, and that means capturing photos at just the right time in terms of lighting, both inside and out. Often this means shooting at dusk and dawn. Though dusk and dawn offer a very limited shooting time, I love to use those times when they make a room look its best. As you look through my portfolio, notice that the lighting, inside and out, should look its best. To consistently do this, throughout a house, requires planning, timing and attention to detail.

  • CFL's & photography don't mix: Compact fluorescent bulbs are great for saving energy, but really bad for photography. To the camera, they put out a strange yellow/greenish light that is not attractive. Although their effects can be somewhat corrected in post-processing, the far better solution is to eliminate them from the start. I bring my own bulbs and temporarily replace the CFL's during the shoot, then put them all back at the end.

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